Venom Trailer: Boilerplate Marvel Feel Until the Reveal

The first full trailer for Venom has fans buzzing. I’m fired up about Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed’s roles, I was impressed by the final shot of Venom’s face materializing, but the rest of the trailer felt pretty standard.

It goes without saying that Marvel has found a formula for its films that has resulted in a saturation (if not domination) of the current movie market and they would be crazy to not continue on the path they have paved. However, I am beginning to lose some of my enthusiasm. Ruben Fleischer, director of Gangster Squad, Zombieland, and 30 Minutes or Less is the lucky filmmaker selected to lead this latest production and quite frankly, the choice doesn’t excite me.

However, as an eternal optimist, I will hold out hope. There is enough talent and treasure surrounding this film to still expect something great. At the very least, we can anticipate some compelling performances and jaw dropping visuals — which in their own right are enough to justify the price of admission.

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