Public House of Naples to the Rescue!

Kate and I work for a video production company based out of Naples, FL, but we live and play in Fort Myers — which is about a 45 minute drive home from the office everyday… during the summer. During the winter, when the snow birds from the Midwest and Northeast migrate to Southwest Florida it’s about an hour and a half commute. So every now and then, when we want to wait out the traffic of rush hour, we find a nice place to stop for a drink. Recently, we decided to check out Public House of Naples.

On our way there, on the busiest road of the drive, we came to a stop in the left lane at a red light when a white Corvette pulled up behind us and began honking. I realized he wanted me to pull up a bit further so he could squeeze by into the left turn lane. When he did, he side swiped us.

Actual Corvette that swiped us…(cropped out the plate)

Long story short, we were lucky enough to only have a minor scratch or two and the biggest annoyance was the unapologetic butt head who did the damage, so needless to say we were ready for a cold beer.

Public House of Naples delivered. I had a Dirty Dave’s IPA from Bone Hook Brewing Company (which is right next door) and a Keewaydin Crusher from Naples Beach Brewery. Loved the Dirty, didn’t love the Crusher. I’m coming to realize I am not a fan of cream ales. The style name is so enticing, but the taste is nothing like cream soda — which may sound like a stupid comparison, but both drinks are simple categories (ale & soda) preceded by the same adjective (cream) — only difference being that the cream ale tastes like popcorn butter and the cream soda tastes like candy. Kate had a 6 Feet Down from Bury Me Brewing, which we have both had many times and is one of our favorite local beers.


The food was awesome. We had two appetizers; Bacon & Eggs (deviled stuffed eggs, tomato jam, candied bacon $6) & Kung Pao Kalamari (deep fried fresh calamari, papaya, hot pepper rings $7). They were both as good as they sound. They went well with my IPA, but not so well with Kate’s stout. In my opinion, a good stout is best enjoyed on it’s own — after a meal.


The interior decor was very cool. It passed the “Crafthouse Triad;” reclaimed brick or wood, Edison lights, and exposed piping or ventilation on the ceiling.


Overall, we loved it. It was good food, good beer, and good service. If you are in the Southwest Florida area we recommend stopping by, especially because it is next door to a brewery!


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