Annihilation: My Personal Nightmare

This is one of the most haunting movies I have seen in a long time. Something about it really fucked with me. I’m going to talk about some specifics in the movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet this is your official spoiler alert.

First of all, my take on it was that it was a metaphor for dealing with Cancer. I don’t imagine this is some insightful ground breaking theory. I’m sure it was apparent to anyone who has seen it and analyzed it. On my list of fears, cancer definitely ranks up there.

Second, the scariest fucking creatures in this movie — the entire environment for that matter — reminded me of the Florida swamps (where I live). I also have a recurring nightmare of watching alligators pull my pets, friends, and even family members into the water then never seeing them again. The alligator in this movie makes the alligators in my dreams look like pet iguanas by comparison.


Oh, and the bear that screams like the woman it ate? One of the creepiest scenes I’ve seen in a long time… and it wasn’t even the creepiest scene in the movie.


The creepiest scene was a found footage clip of soldiers cutting the belly of one of their men open to find his guts slithering and sliding around like a group of thick fleshy snakes. So yes, this movie kept me up a bit that night.

Lastly, it touches on dealing with the loss of a loved one in a very raw, real, and relatable way that definitely messed with me.

With all of that said — what a great fucking movie it was! Powerful, beautiful (and I mean BEAUTIFUL), and thought-provoking. Make sure to tune into episode 14 of our podcast to hear more about what we thought, some behind the scenes information, and more.




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