Mindhunter: I Would Not Recommend It To My Mom

So when I started this blog series and began watching these Netflix series at an unhealthy rate, I knew I would come across some great shows that I would be happy to recommend to you all. But after binging this specific series, I am almost at a loss for words. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing considering the whole point of this is to translate my thoughts into words. So let me sit back, take a breath, decompress and give this a shot.

MINDHUNTER. HOLY SHIT. This did not disappoint me. It was dark, haunting, sinister and just flat out beautiful. I could tell from the previews earlier this summer that this show was going to be right down my alley and damn was I right.  MINDHUNTER is a newer Netflix series that aired this past October in 2017. It was created by Joe Penhall, who was also somewhat undiscovered until this point. This show dives deep into the unique stories of two FBI agents in the 1970’s. Agent Holden Ford and Agent Bill Tench serve as the two main characters and the pull in this story is the fact that these were the two motherfuckers that started the behavioral science unit in the FBI. Prior to these dudes, the FBI was strictly a large scale crime investigating and preventing organization that did not focus on the science behind why these people fuck dead bodies and kill their girlfriends. Sorry. Also, to give you a little fun fact, the term “serial killer” was not coined until this exact time and this show reflects that.


This is NOT a buddy cop show – this is a very dark and surreal look into the world of murderers, rapists, psychopaths and the individuals that evaluated them after their capture in the 70’s. The names cited in the series are some actual heavy hitter serial killers (shout-out “Last Podcast on the Left”) and it gets fucking WIERD. Just how I like it. I find this shit fascinating and always have. Hence the reason I also worship QT. Violence and great character building is a recipe for a great story.


I give this series 5 stars simply because I have been waiting for a show like this for a long time and it delivered on all fronts. I would not recommend it to my mom but I already have everyone else on it. I can’t fucking wait until the next season(s), which I’m sure won’t come out until around Halloween 2018.

Love each other.


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