Stranger Things Season 2: Visually Orgasmic

I agree with my brother on most of his points here. I think Stranger Things 2 was sensational. My only disagreement is that I enjoyed season 1 more than season 2. I enjoyed getting to know those iconic characters. In season 2, we do get to meet a few new players, but they were not as interesting as the core cast from season 1. Plus, that refreshing retro vibe hit me like a cool breeze after a long summer the first time I watched episode 1 season 1; the music, the fashion, everything. In season 2, while this is still the world we are inhabiting, it was expected. It was like a cool breeze after having experienced a cool breeze for an entire season. There is nothing anyone could have done about that, but it plays a factor into my preference for season 1 none-the-less. So, hear Nick out then let us know in the comments below or on Instagram which season you preferred! Enjoy…


Stranger Things Season 2: 4.5 out of 5

If you have been labeled a millennial or anything resembling it, you are probably familiar with the question, “What is good on Netflix right now?” Usually, this question will pop up during a phone call with one of your parents who might actually know what good TV is, but don’t exactly know how to find it.  The twisted mind of Nick is here and I am binging Netflix shows until there is no more binging left. Although, that may be impossible considering that Netflix is pumping out shows faster than Vanilla Ices music career.

So, with all that being said, I figured I would start off with the most obvious, but the most polarizing show on Netflix this year. This of course, being Stranger Things 2. This show was originally created by the Duffer Brothers – who were relatively undiscovered until this passion project of theirs surfaced on Netflix in October of 2016.


First off, I fucking loved the first season and recommended it to anyone who
asked. I thought it was a creative, fun, and visually stunning take on 80’s horror and suspense with great homage to earlier films and directors that I personally worship. I must admit, before that last scene in the first season when Will spits the demogorgon worm into the sink, I thought it would be a one-hit wonder. I figured this to be the case because this was a fairly low budget passion project for the Duffer brothers with not too many expectations. I can guarantee you that they had no idea it would blow up as much as it did. As a matter of fact, over 15 top networks turned down “Stranger Things” before it eventually landed with Netflix.

Now, onto “Stranger Things 2.” Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not
particularly fond of sequels (with the exception of Kill Bill Vol. 2, Star Wars and a few others). The majority of sequels (in my opinion) just have this desperation stench and unoriginality to them that fogs my vision and thought process when trying to enjoy or review them. So, I came into “Stranger Things 2” with absolutely zero expectations because of my bias against sequels. This second season however, delivered on all fronts.

My initial fear was that they were going to chase something or reach too far when it came to the story line or characters for the new season. That fear didn’t last long though, because after the first 10 minutes of the first episode, my doubts were turned into excitement. Creatively, emotionally, and cinematically – this was better than the first season. That is a bold statement coming from me, but I stand by it.


This shit was awesome. It was fun. It was thrilling. It was emotional and it was
visually orgasmic. The lighting and the color usage in this series is phenomenal and aesthetically, so goddamn pleasing. The 80’s vibe flows throughout and it is
apparent that they assorted a great team to not only make this sequel interesting, but better than the first in every way. The stakes are larger, there are new fantastic characters, and I felt that the writing and the dialogue were very well done. I was never pulled out of the moment throughout the series and that is usually when I know I am enjoying what I am watching. Overall, this was one of the easiest shows to binge of all time. I could not recommend it enough.

Thanks for reading, and be prepared because I will be cranking out content at least once a week. Now you can always be prepared to show your girlfriend that you do indeed, know how to Netflix and Chill.


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