Spice World: You May Mistake It For a Bad Movie

I heard a Junkfood Cinema podcast about this movie and subsequently found out that my wife owned it. Game over.

There is a real argument to be made for the quality of this movie. There is some kind of Monty Python-esque thing going on here. I genuinely laughed out loud a few times. It doesn’t take itself seriously. It knows exactly what it is. It is a satire about themselves, the music industry, and pop culture in general. Plus, there are some surprisingly authentic and tender moments in the movie. It also doesn’t hurt that there are some seriously impressive cameos.

Everything in Spice World means something much deeper than what appears on the surface. Every time I thought to myself, “…ok this is getting ridiculous,” I paused. Why are there aliens visiting these girls while they are trying to take a group piss in the woods? Why is there a photographer crawling out of their toilet? Why is there a montage of them dressing up as each other? I encourage you to watch this movie and when you start to think to yourself, “why,” (which will happen about twice every scene) don’t just roll your eyes and shake your head. Really ask yourself, what are they trying to say?

Overall, am I going to start telling everyone they have to go watch it? Yes, actually. Well, maybe not everyone, but definitely those willing to give it a second or even first chance. I think there is real merit to this film. There isn’t much out there that takes a satirical look at celebrity and the music industry in as interesting and entertaining of a way as Spice World. Wow, I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Spice World: 2.5 out of 5


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