“If you don’t like The Santa Clause, you can go fuck yourself.”

The Santa Clause: 4 out of 5

This is the first written review from my beautiful, intelligent, foul-mouthed wife — perhaps better known as the co-host of the Crafthouse Cinema podcast.

The Santa Clause was directed by John Pasquin, who seems to almost exclusively work with Tim Allen. He is responsible for Joe Somebody, Jungle 2 Jungle, The Santa Clause, and many episodes of very well known sitcoms throughout the years — including Full House and Allen’s most recent effort, Last Man Standing.

I can say with confidence that I have enjoyed almost all of his work. None of it is going to win an Academy Award, but I’m not a total movie snob. I think Pasquin probably knew what he was good at, stayed in his lane, and created an amazing career for himself.

I believe that The Santa Clause has stood the test of time. It is one of the most under-appreciated, feel-good, funny, christmas-spirit-filled movies ever made.

Enjoy Kate’s review.


A couple of nights ago, Matt and I sat down and turned on The Santa Clause. Not because we needed a movie to watch/rate, but because it’s Christmas time and that is one of the classics. Also, it’s on Netflix so it was conveniently suggested on our home screen. I used to watch this movie every year as a kid, either in the after school care program or at home on TV, but since becoming an adult I’ve really only watched it two or three times. Let me tell you what, it holds up as a great Christmas movie, possibly even more so now that I understand all the child custody/divorce stuff from an adult perspective.

I don’t want to delve into too much detail, just incase you’re the only person in the world who hasn’t seen this movie (which was Tim Allen’s first lead role in a feature bt-dubbs), but I will give you some details without revealing too much (minor spoilers). You only have a few minutes of set up to understand that Scott (Allen’s character) is a single dad whose kid doesn’t really want to spend Christmas at the Bachelor Pad. Next thing you know, there’s a clatter on the rooftop and upon further inspection the father-son duo incidentally kill Santa. So, Scott winds up putting on the big red suit and delivering the rest of the presents.

The CGI is not great (it’s pretty bad) but as a kid, I really thought those reindeer were flying so it can fool a child in the 90’s. There’s no shortage of jokes, and they’re pretty funny. It also has believable family drama (perfect for the holidays). After aging 20 years and re-watching it, I now understand Scott’s lactose intolerance, what a clause is (as a kid I thought Head Elf Bernard was just speaking nonsense), and why it would be totally weird if your ex-husband started looking like Santa around the time your son started wanting to hang out with him more. Also, as an adult, does anyone else find it weird that the writers chose Psychiatrist Neil’s (the ex-wife’s new hubby) most-longed for gift to be a Weenie Whistle? I giggled at that one.

Overall, I really enjoy this movie. It’s just a great story about Christmas with some humor and some serious parts too. If you don’t like The Santa Clause, you can go fuck yourself. If you don’t agree with me, Tweet at me. I won’t get it.


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