I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to the Crafthouse Cinema writing team, my brother Nick. Nick has a very unique way of looking at the world and is one of my favorite people to talk movies with. We both have been forcing our friends to be actors in our videos since we were old enough to be trusted with a camera. Now, we work along side each other as people actually pay us to make videos! Below is a look inside the dark and somewhat twisted mind of my kid brother. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


The other day, I heard someone tell me that your brain is done forming by the time you are 25 years old.  I just turned 24 last month and let me be the first to tell you — that scares the shit out of me.  

Not because I have a dud for a brain — I happened to be accepted into the advanced students program in Elementary School,  but passed on it because I was “too cool.”  It scares me because even though I am pretty damn smart for my age I still know absolutely nothing, Jon Snow.  And the matter of the fact is, none of us know shit.  

We are simply living out our lives the best way we know how — based on what?  It is based on people who lived before us, just like you and me, who didn’t know shit.  People who came into this world and blindly forged their way until they found their specific niche and the understanding that love and passion is the only way.  As you know, here at Crafthouse Cinema we have a certain love & passion for our niche of getting nice and drunk and watching films.

The reason I took a deep dive into this train of thought for my intro was because I thought it would give you a glimpse into the fucked up, forever churning hurricane of a mind that is my own.  I understand that the only hope we have for this world is if we embrace love and positivity. We are an evolving species with customs and traditions that are quickly becoming ineffective and frankly, purely pathetic.  Racism exists.  Sexism exists.  Slavery exists. Hunger exists.  Corruption exists.  These philosophies are outdated, crippling, and are strangling our society into paranoia. They are holding us the fuck back.  

On a more positive note, this won’t be my topic of discussion for my future blogs.  I will of course be watching an unhealthy amount of movies and shows and tasting a wide range of craft beer for your pleasure.  Let’s face it… this is for my own pleasure.  I fucking love movies and I love beer.  My brother and I (did I mention that I am Matt’s brother?) have been obsessed with movies for as long as I can remember and we plan on sharing our obsession with you, whether you like it or not.  

There is room for the good and there is room for the bad here at Crafthouse Cinema and we plan on giving you it all.

Thanks for reading and listening and buckle up…


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