“Lives up to the reputation. One of the most delicious beers of all time.”

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 5 out of 5

Had one of these to celebrate the recording of our third podcast episode. It is so damn balanced and delicious I’m not sure what else to say. Next time you have one of these I suggest you forget going through smell, hue, mouth feel — all of that — just for a second and simply appreciate the taste. It’s truly one of the best flavors in this history of beers.

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. was founded by brewing icon Ken Grossman in 1979. He began his cabeer (See what I did there? Like career, but… oh fuck you that’s funny) in the Home Brew Shop in Downtown Chico. There he soaked in everything he could from his many customers and suppliers  before opening the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. He and Steve Dresler, who is retiring this year (2017) after being the head brewer for 34 years, grew this brand to become one of the biggest and most respected brewing companies in the world. Along with Jim Koch (Sam Adams) and Dick Yuengling (Yuengling) Grossman is one of three “beer billionaires.”

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