“Much like Purple Haze, the featured flavor doesn’t over power the beer. They found that perfect balance. Absolutely delicious.”

Hazelnut Brown Nectar: 4.5 out of 5

Rogue Ales is quickly becoming one of my favorite names in beer. This one was so surprisingly balanced and drinkable. I would normally assume that a dark beer with the word nectar in the title may be good for a single after dinner desert drink. While that is definitely true, this is one of those rare specially flavored beers that I could have a second or third of.

Rogue Ales was founded the year of my birth, 1988, in Ashland, Oregon. The founders; Jack Joyce, Rob Strasser, and Bob Woodell, were actually Nike executives preceding their foray into the world of craft beer. To me, that makes sense. Rogue definitely has that “too-cool-for-school” branding much like Nike.

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