“Holy fucking shit. This movie was awesome. This is easily James Franco’s best film to date. In my opinion, there’s nothing that comes close. If you love movies you will love this movie.”

The Disaster Artist: 5 out of 5

There’s something very profound happening beneath the surface this entire film. It’s hard to put your finger on, but you can feel it in your bones. It’s not just a another well crafted James Franco/Seth Rogen comedy — which I’m not knocking, I’ve loved them all — but, it feels like there is raw, unfiltered passion infused into every frame of this one. It’s like a good meal made by your grandma that nobody else can replicate, even with the recipe. There’s a very real degree of love and attention that goes into every step that you can’t explain, but you can sure as hell taste it.

Franco as Wiseau is so goddamn fun to watch. He’s funny and tragic and heroic and mysterious. His brother, Dave who actually plays the lead in this movie also does a great job — especially considering that he had to act along side his naked older brother for an entire scene. The incredible ensemble cast is made up of so many of today’s funniest and most talented actors that to see them all on the same screen is worth the price of admission alone.

It’s also an interesting look behind the scenes of filmmaking. Specifically, it examines the experience of struggling actors and the rejection-riddled, awkward, sometimes soul crushing situations they must deal with as they follow their passion. Why do they do it? Is it only for fame or is it deeper than that?

I can’t recommend this movie highly enough. It was easy for me to give it the full 5 out of 5. Anyone can enjoy it. It’s universally appealing while at the same time unique and artistic. Like a Ferris Bueller or Knocked Up I think it will become one of those special comedies with enough depth & charm to be watched and re-watched countless times without ever getting old.

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