JIM & ANDY directed by CHRIS SMITH

Jim and Andy is a funny, fascinating, existential experience and definitely worth a watch. It does work as a Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman 2 for 1 bio-doc, but it also works as a philosophical examination about what makes us who we are.

Jim & Andy: 3 out of 5

Jim Carrey is a fascinating man. Andy Kaufman is a fascinating man. Jim Carrey becoming Andy Kaufman is a fascinating story. The end.

I’m kidding, sort of. That’s what this documentary is about. Jim Carrey going Daniel Day Lewis on everyone’s asses. The story takes us through the two comedian’s careers before they eventually merge behind the scenes of Man on the Moon.

The footage that this movie relies on has been under wraps by the powers of Hollywood for decades because they didn’t want people to think, “Jim Carrey is an asshole.” I get it. He does seem like an asshole — even now. He takes him self very seriously. His interview is a series of pretentious philosophical insights, self examinations, and humble brags… I loved every second of it.

I’ll tell you why — he’s right. He knows what he’s talking about. For those who tune out or don’t get it, his statements will feel “out there.” For those who have ever taken the deep dive into the existential abyss, his statements are profound. Carrey is clearly a man of two minds. He’s funny in a very base, physical way. He’s also intelligent and artistic and brilliant.

I loved this movie. Director Chris Smith does an excellent job weaving the many layers of this complex story into an entertaining movie with a lot of depth. Check it out on Netflix.

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