“What you would expect from a Sam Adams ale. Solid — right down the middle of the road. Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it.”

Sam Adams Irish Red Ale: 2 out of 5

It was a long week of work and time to blow off some steam. I cracked this bad boy open as I logged on Xbox Live. I needed to take the edge off if I wanted to have a victorious night of Rocket League… obviously. It had a very predictable and easy to drink taste. Not to sweet, not to challenging — a good solid beer. It was the perfect choice to kick off a few hours of shameless gaming.

Coincidentally, I earned the “Middle of the Road (Level 3)” badge on Untappd for this beer which means I have now logged 15 beers with an ABV between 5% and 10%. I also earned my “Land of the Free (Level 4) badge for tasting 20 different beers that were brewed in the good old U.S. of fucking A.

Which countries do you consider to be the best brewers in the world?

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