“Typical light lager profile with a hoppier aftertaste than your mainstream American lager.”

Session Premium Lager: 3 out of 5

I enjoyed this beer while watching Brian DePalma’s Blow Out starring John Tron in his prime. I grabbed it off the Total Wine shelf because I liked the bright red can and simple logo design. It tasted very similar to a Miller, Bud, or Coors, but with that slightly hoppier aftertaste typical of craft lager.

Based out of Hood River, Oregon, Full Sail Brewing Co. is named after the swarm of windsurfers that take over the Columbia River every summer. They were founded in 1987 by Irene Firmat and Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson. Every beer they brew is made with pure water, local ingredients, and responsible processes in an effort to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly brewing company.


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